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Energy Industry Technology Solutions

Midus develops innovative products for the industrial internet. Connecting device fleets increases operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Our proprietary systems automation platform provides a responsive and scalable infrastructure that adjusts to fluctuating supply and demand in production.

Business critical systems and the tools required to collect and analyze data are easier and more cost effective to implement.

Industrial internet technology solutions for modern energy companies.

Standing up an industrial device fleet system and facilitating the ability to reason on top of the data, requires a complete automation solution that is as flexible as today’s energy business.

Real-time auto scaling brings today’s energy sector to the next realm of connected possibilities.

Security is vital when managing connected devices. Our monitoring and alert system provides insight into every device in the fleet.

Deep learning, reporting, custom queries, and analytics tailored to unique business requirements informs executive decisions.

Key Benefits

Data driven risk assessment and control drives efficiency improvement. Six keys to the data cycle are identification, analysis, evaluation, reduction, acceptance, and reevaluation.

  • Performance improvements
  • Service quality
  • System insights
  • Data reporting
  • Maintenance records
  • Pinpoint troubleshooting

Frequently asked Questions

We specialize in technology solutions for the oil and gas industries. Markets we serve include upstream, midstream, and downstream including petrochemical plants, energy companies, oil refineries, and natural gas power plants.

Midus provides a scalable infrastructure that fluctuates with market supply and demand. The platform can accommodate peak demand in real-time and throttles to cut costs during periods of decreased utilization.

We connect on-premises systems to a scalable infrastructure. After the data points are designed, retrofitted, and connected, our platform is generated to accommodate your business model. After the system is installed, KPIs, metrics, and data can be queried and analyzed to provide new and valuable insights into company operations.

We gather data based on metrics, measure, synthesize, continuously inprove your energy network.
Trained professionals

Our trained professionals have decades of experience managing complex data networks at scale.


We are strategically positioned to serve energy markets and conduct regular on-site analysis, tests, and maintenance on production systems.

Energy SME

Subject Matter Experts are available to answer your project specific questions and assist with your organization’s unique product design considerations.

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Midus develops scalable critical infrastructure technology solutions for the energy industry.

Send us a message and we will contact you soon, or call 800-450-5672 between 9AM to 6PM CST Monday to Friday to discuss your project.